Archetypes of the Feminine & Masculine Workshop

This workshop explores the archetypes that provide and inspire your greatest fulfillment.

A Jungian archetypal lens offers us a perspective by which we can see ancient, timeless patterns playing out through our lives and through the lives of others.  By recognizing these eternal patterns, we can move toward uncovering a deeper truth in our own lives. Recognizing ourselves in these ancient forms helps us to realize who we innately are—and allows us to see that our path is connected to something larger than our (or another's) idea of who we are.

The intention of these workshops and presentations is to look at the ways in which identity is stored in these particular archetypal patterns, as well as their cultural significance, and how they are supported (or not) by our families, friends and society. In recognizing ourselves in the ancient patterns of human nature, we claim an archetypal identity that helps us to step forward more fully into who we are.  Along the way, we may come to see we are living new versions of eternal paths.  

This work builds upon those pioneers of the archetypal frontier including C. G. Jung, Toni Wolff, Robert L. Moore, Douglas Gillette, and Tad & Noreen Guzie.

Part of the workshop series includes a tailor made version of the material for actors and directors.

This workshop is taught in partnership with its creator, Gary S. Bobroff.

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